Why 888?

We’re craft brewing social good!

We’ve aligned our work and vision with a symbol that inspires us.

888 reflects the aspirations and achievements of the historical 8-hour day workers’ movement in Australia.

Workers agitated in Melbourne in 1856 for a working day divided equally into labour, recreation and rest.

It was a leading step in worker activism as part of an international movement.

We respect these pioneering 888 efforts.

We seek to honour them by working cooperatively as a Melbourne brewery and via community initiatives that supports the dignity of labour, democracy, equity and solidarity.

Oh yes … and we want to do this while brewing and enjoying great 888.coop beers in our Melbourne brewery and the socialising and society our beers will help promote.

Lofty ideals? We think not. We’re not going to be your typical brewery.

We believe we can make a positive difference and benefits for many .. rather than a few.

'The original eight hour day banner' 1856

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