Our beers

Stay tuned!

888 Cooperative Brewery beers will be brewed in Melbourne.

We will open crowd funding soon. So please register your interest so we can stay in touch.

Crowd funding will allow us to establish our cooperative brewery; stage launch events which will also support a charity; and, importantly, sample the first of our 888 Cooperative Brewery beers.

Our beers will be approachable. We prefer sessionability over sippability. Enjoyed responsibly of course.

The founders want to enjoy classic beer styles. Beers which appeal to a broad range of our coop members.

Expect a lager – of course. A golden ale. A quaffable dark beer for winter like a porter.

All naturally brewed and using locally-sourced malt and hops whenever we can.

What other beer style should carry the 888.coop logo?

We’d love your thoughts on other styles please let us know via our contact page.

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