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6 April 2017: 888 Antipodean Order of Froth Blowers (AOFB) Information Evening

We are inviting craft brewing enthusiasts to our information evening. The co-founders of the AOFB will outline their vision, the potential benefits of becoming a fellow Froth Blower and then some open discussion.

All at the wonderfully convivial Kelvin Club. Click for more details.


Welcome to 888 Cooperative Brewing. Welcome to the start of a new choice in the beer you choose to drink.

888 Cooperative Brewing is founded by a small group of Melbourne-based beer enthusiasts who are setting up a brewery in a different and engaging way … as a cooperative.

888.coop is set to be a Melbourne brewery owned by the workers who make the beer, in conjunction with the consumer-owned AOFB Cooperative, crafting beer for its members, while also building community.

Why cooperative brewing?

Given the ongoing influx of local craft beers we are, thankfully, blessed with a much greater range of beer styles and locally made brews than ever before.

While the two big foreign-owned, multinational beverage companies in Australia, CUB/SAB-Miller (now part of Anheuser-Busch-InBev) and LION/Kirin may gloat over the ‘fact’ they produce the majority of craft beers under brands like Matilda Bay, James Squires and Little Creatures, nonetheless consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity.

They are looking for beers they not only enjoy (of course) but beers they can engage with and relate to: beer that has an extra layer of meaning and relevance for them.