888 Antipodean Order of Froth Blowers Co-operative Limited (AOFB)

The 888 AOFB Cooperative – where you can own and participate in your brewery’s efforts to strengthen our community

As joint worker owners of 888.coop, soon to be a Melbourne brewery operating cooperativly, we believe we should build community for social benefit and social good. 

From the outset we saw our social efforts aligning with our brewing efforts: to build community in good cheer.

So we’ve established the 888 AOFB Cooperative for you to own and be a part of our Froth Blowing community crafting social good.

Just as 888 draws upon the history and traditions of workers’ movements, our AOFB initiative also reflects a social movement: one almost lost in history. Like 888, it’s a movement the founders saw as having social goals still relevant today.

AOFB are the initials of the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers.

Established in Great Britain after the first World War, they were described as jolly and eccentric. Sadly the reality is many Froth Blowers were traumatised by “the war to end all wars”. Undaunted, this peculiar, tongue-in-cheek confraternity went about raising funds for many children’s charities: usually hospitals.

While 888 founders are attracted to the Froth Blowers pursuit of good beer (blowing the froth off a few) and their irreverance, we especially pay respects to their philanthropic drive and social conscience.

Want to be a Froth Blower?

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